A guide to image quality

A guide to image quality

You have probably seen poor quality printed images and wondered why they appear that way?… well, usually it’s due to the quality of the original image that was supplied for printing.

This guide is to enable you to obtain the best quality image when printing from the supplied images. So you do not need to worry about vector files, like ai or eps vector files! (more…)

NHS Blood and Transplant - The Fuel

NHS Blood and Transplant drive awareness and donor registration

Neil Phillips – Head of Strategic Marketing


Supplying around two million units of blood and receiving almost 3,500 organ donations a year, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) manages the national voluntary donation system for blood, tissues, organs and stem cells. These valuable donations are transformed into life-saving products that are used to benefit patients.

NHSBT plays a critical role in the continuing modernisation of the UK blood donation service and relies upon effective marketing to attract sufficient donors to meet the needs of NHS patients. (more…)