World Backup Day - 31st March 2023

World Backup Day – 31st March 2023

World Backup Day is coming up soon and that day is dedicated to reminding people around the world about the need to back up their important data, files, and information to prevent data loss. The day was established to encourage individuals and businesses to take proactive steps to protect their digital information from disasters such as cyberattacks, hardware failure, natural disasters, theft, or accidental deletion. It serves as a reminder that creating and maintaining backups is a simple and effective way to safeguard your valuable data and prevent the potentially devastating consequences of losing it. (more…)

A guide to image quality

A guide to image quality

You have probably seen poor quality printed images and wondered why they appear that way?… well, usually it’s due to the quality of the original image that was supplied for printing.

This guide is to enable you to obtain the best quality image when printing from the supplied images. So you do not need to worry about vector files, like ai or eps vector files! (more…)