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The Fuel helps to evolve the brand of the British Triathlon Federation following the sports success in London 2012 Olympic Games.

Paul Moss – Development Director


With over 15,000 members, the British Triathlon Federation is the Britain’s national governing body for the sport of triathlon in Great Britain, and is committed to promoting excellence and driving performance development of triathlon.

British Triathlon Federation is responsible for Great Britain’s international representation in the sport, Elite and Age Group teams, British and international events, all matters relating to doping and serves all three Home Nation bodies of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland and Welsh Triathlon

By working with a trusted partner like The Fuel we can keep British Triathlon at the forefront of sport in the UK and beyond.

The Challenge

“Across the UK we run over 850 events and have over 500 affiliated triathlon clubs,” explains, Paul Moss, Coaching Development Manager at British Triathlon Federation, “and with Team GB’s success at the 2012 London Olympic Games we have seen a huge groundswell of interest in triathlon”.

On-going sponsor support for British Triathlon Federation is essential, however the growing awareness of triathlon means marketing budgets need be used more and more effectively. “We now have a great platform on which to build the profile of triathlon in the UK, ” discusses Paul, “so partnering the right marketing services company is critical if we are to fully capitalise on this groundswell and build a really strong foundation for triathlon in the UK.”

The materials created by The Fuel provided an excellent, cohesive experience throughout the conference.


The Solution

“In order to support our strategy of promoting triathlon from grass roots through to elite participation we focus on the right combination of events, club activities and communications through the year’” explains Paul, “ and to do this effectively we use a mix of campaign, promotional and informational materials that can be used in various scenarios.”

The Fuel began working with the British Triathlon Federation in 2010, and now provides a range of services and solutions that support the organisations strategic efforts to exemplify a successful organisational ‘brand’.

“With every new project we try to ‘evolve’ and enhance our brand, but because of the way we are funded we do not work with the kind of resources a commercial organisation would often have available,” Paul admits, “however, the team at The Fuel understand this and have really helped us to maximise the reach of our budgets, regularly suggesting innovative approaches and identifying ways to reduce costs, all while maintaining quality.”

A recent project saw The Fuel design and produce materials for the ‘Performance Coaching Conference’, “The conference theme and agenda had been specifically designed to provide a wide range of topics and speakers that aimed to inform, challenge and stimulate the delegates” says Paul, “the collateral and display materials created by The Fuel supported this and provided an excellent, cohesive experience throughout the conference”.

Paul concluded by saying, “Our current growth rate is exciting, but it obviously puts demands on the Federation,” adding “by working with a trusted partner like The Fuel we can meet these demands and keep British Triathlon at the forefront of sport in the UK and beyond.”

The team at The Fuel help us to maximise the reach of our marketing and promotional budgets.

The Fuel suggest innovative approaches and identify ways to reduce cost while maintaining quality.

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